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Tel: 01 666 500 880


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At The Bike Shed in Tetbury, in the cycling friendly Cotswolds, we have created a fully equipped cycle maintenance and training workshop.

At present however we cannot offer a five star level of workshop services as this is dependent upon having the right personnel to deliver the quality we have set.

Our aim is to provide the full range of servicing and repairs on all types of bicycles, to support cycling in the local area and beyond for the purpose of raising money for Bikes4Africa and supporting jole rider's objectives in Africa.

We have therefore postponed full operation of our workshop until early in 2017.

For the time being we offer a skeletal bike repair and maintenance service which includes fixing punctures, new tyres, new wheels, and adjustments to gears and non-disc brakes.

MY BIKE JUMBLE is a Nearly New sale of top branded cycling clothes, accessories, parts and other sportswear at knock down prices.

For dates and our new venue please join our Mailing List - it's the REGISTER button.